Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Krishna Key: Book Review

Spoiler Alert...If you haven't read the book, please don't proceed.

Ashwin Sanghvi's third book was highly anticipated and hyped. Did it live upto it's expectations?

For me the answer is a big 'NO'.

Halfway through the book, it seems that the author lost interest and went ahead to complete the book just for the sake of it. Even though the book is well researched and the references are nicely woven into the story, the ending is abrupt and could have been much better.

The fate of major chracters are left stranding without any clue. For example, Tarak Vakil, the so called 10th avatar is simply caught and left to the police...what happens to him when he learns the truth is never explored? Again, Saini stumbled upon his bracelet earlier, but there is no reference to the same anytime again in the novel!

Characters names are mixed up at two places in the book.

These are a few let downs from an author like Ashwin Sanghvi whose first two books were fast paced thrillers.
Overall, a well researched book which is an average one-time read.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

An iCon moves on

The day began with the news of the passing away of the legend. For a moment the news didn't sink in. And slowly realization crept in. Though not unexpected, the news of passing away of the Apple man, so soon, was surely surprising.
Ever since the first Macintosh was released in '84, the world has been divided into the apple'ites (if at all there is such a word) and the rest.
Even more than the divides he created in the computing world and the unification he brought into peoples lives through his vision, it was the fighting spirit with which he led his life that will be remembered forever.
One of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard  was made by him at Stanford. Those students at the commencement ceremony are surely going to remember the day when the greatest visionary of the technological world gave them a simple mantra..."Stay Hungry...Stay Foolish".
'Oh, and one more thing'...Steve Jobs, you will be missed but we know, even God couldn't resist the touch of Apple! R.I.P.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

It Was The Day

It was the day...when records held no meaning.
It was the day...when Rajnikant decided he had to watch it live after 28 Yrs.
It was the day...when the coin was tossed Twice!
It was the day...when the tears of Kambli were to be avenged.
It was the day...when a billion hearts beat as one.
It was the day...when the common man wept with the stars.
It was the day...when GOD showed his emotions.
It was the day...when the next gen was handed over the responsibility.
It was the day...when Captain Cool could do no wrong.
It was the day...when Kapils Devils gave way to Dhonis Cronies.
It was the day...when we brought home the cup once again.
It was the day...when we truly became WORLD CHAMPIONS!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


If Sawariyaa is the reason you wouldn't go and watch another Bhansali movie, well I have to say that it's understandable. But, with Guzaarish that notion needs a slight exception.

A very different subject which probably in the hands of less skilled filmmakers would have been a disaster. Hrithik has proved again that words are futile when your eyes can speak. What an actor!

Essaying the role of a quadriplegic (Ethan Mascarenhas) and an ex magician who has been an inspiration for thousands of people, his fight with life and for a dignified death, Hrithik brings out the character so effortlessly.

The supporting cast sees some great actors who are all very true to their characters, except for maybe Rajat Kapoor who is overly dramatic at times.

The sets are grand with lots of fabric flying around...typical SLB style...but in the end, all that matters is the handling of the characters and the emotions.

Bas ek guzaarish, don't go if you simply are a Bhansali basher and can't stand Aishwarya hamming. However, if you are a Hrithik fan, go and watch him take acting to another level. Don't blame anyone if a few tears do find their way out in the process :-)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

You might have come across this speech earlier...maybe in a forwarded mail...but nevertheless, it is worth watching again and again...

Just Connect the Dots and Stay Hungry-Stay Foolish!

Courtesy: Stanford University & YouTube

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Royal Visit

Having stayed in Bangalore for more than 4 yrs, I was not aware of a palace in the city. Recently, we stumbled upon this peice of information while the wifey was googling something. So today, we deceided to visit this piece of history.

It was a bit difficult actually finding the location to the palace, but finally we reached there. The Bangalore palace  which is believed to be modelled on the Windsor Castle (a common misconception) was built by the Wodeyar's. Though not as large as the Mysore Palace, this place is pretty elaborately designed and decorated. The present generation Wodeyar king in fact lives in the premises.

The Wodeyar coat of arms (with the royal emblem, Gandaberunda can be seen all around the palace. There is a nice audio guide which is mandatory for all visitors. Pretty informative and one can listen at a leisurely pace while moving around the building.

The two BMW's and one Merc at the palace entrance (with a royal emblem in front) did seem odd (as they were not so old and seemed to be in use); however, when we came to know that this was home to the present king, it did clear up the confusion.

The place is worth a visit and if you are a bangalorean who visits Mysore to see  the palace, well now there is an option.

Ah Weekend...

Been a long while since I truly realized the importance of a weekend. Traveling to work 4 hrs to & fro does make a lot of difference. The past week has been very very hectic in terms of travel, but then there are some advantages to it surely. The brighter side of things being that i am very rapidly catching up on all the pending readings that somehow I had started but left midway.

In some strange way the current situation seems to be HIS way of saying, 'It's all for good'.

So, no complaints...All Izz Well :-)